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This isn’t by coincidence; our people are our strength. We believe that having a happy and engaged workforce leads to a happy customer experience. We maintain our engaged workforce by:


We train all our customer-facing staff at our Centre of Excellence – opened in 2017, the facility has carried out over 800,000 hours of training for its employees with more than 170 courses in purpose-built classrooms, from administration skills and project management skills, to technical skills, as well as English classes at all levels to all its 65,000+ employees, all of which have a core focus of customer satisfaction. Transguard will have carried out over 1 million hours of training by the end of 2019.

Employee welfare

Employee welfare is the foundation of our business strategy – we continue to set the standards for employee welfare in the region by providing comprehensive employee benefits for all our staff. We actively engage our employees in over 300 events and activities each month, but, these activities are just a small portion of the wellbeing benefits we offer our employees.

Prioritizing employee welfare and giving our employees the opportunity to expand their skillsets and abilities benefits the entire business – by embedding tomorrow’s leaders in the company today, we are creating a long-lasting legacy that will continue to support our customers.

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