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High Touch Point Cleaning

High Touch Point Cleaning

Trained masked and gloved cleaners disinfect high touch point zones on a 20-minute rotation.

  • High touch points include door handles, stair railings, light switches, and hand-sanitising dispensers, among others
  • Common clinical service for healthcare establishments
  • Contracted as an ongoing service
  • Cleaning products align with the DHA’s approved list and will be provided by Transguard Group
Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfection

One-off service to completely disinfect your place of business. Pricing and scheduling are based on the square footage of your space.

  • Conducted by Transguard’s extensively trained sanitising professionals
  • Premises should be emptied for a full surface disinfection
  • Dubai Health Authority - approved PPE, chemicals and equipment are provided by Transguard Group

Disinfect with Fogging

Disinfect with Fogging

High-traffic places and surfaces pose a serious risk of carrying and transmitting COVID-19. Transguard's trained and fully geared cleaning team will ensure all surfaces are entirely disinfected.

  • Contracted as an ongoing service
  • Cleaning products align with the UAE's approved list and will be provided by Transguard Group
  • Disinfect your office space, commercial building, warehouse, manufacturing plant, retail and other high-risk areas

Misting Station

Misting Station

Relying upon motion sensors and bespoke spraying technology, visitors are misted with an effective sanitising product that kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and spores in the one to two seconds it takes to walk through the station.

  • Quick to install and easy to operate
  • Motion-activated
  • Sanitizes in seconds
  • UAE-approved
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions
Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening

Transguard's customisable security solutions include a comprehensive suite of integrated temperature screening methods suitable for every building, facility, occasion and budget.

  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Multiple options available to suit every building, crowd size and budget
  • Buying and leasing options available


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