Transguard employees go for gold

Several Transguard staff picked up gold medals at the annual TG Olympics, with competitors taking part in a range of sports including badminton, cricket, football and table tennis

Over 300 members of staff gathered at the United Pro Sports venue in Al Quoz at the weekend for the annual Transguard Olympics. The event, now in its third year, saw competitors from all Transguard divisions taking part in a range of closely fought games by showcasing their sporting prowess in a variety of disciplines.

“At Transguard we’re dedicated to providing our employees with every opportunity to participate in a range of events, whether that’s singing, dancing, a staff cinema evening, or as we’ve organised today, a range of very competitive sports,” explained Greg Ward, Transguard’s Managing Director. “Everyone here is a winner.”

“Every year the standard gets better and better at our Olympics and this year has been no different,” he continued. “Having witnessed the determination today I’m sure the guys will be back training tomorrow for next year’s event!”

Competition was certainly fierce, with passionate teams going head-to-head on the badminton court, football pitch and cricket ground, with table tennis and tug-of-war matches also showcasing employees’ skill and tenacity. 

This year’s winners were:

Josepaul Francis (India) - Security Services and Krishnadevan Vijayakumar (India) – Aviation defeated
Nitheesh Clement (India) – Payroll and Sudeep Sankaran (India) - Centre of Excellence

Table Tennis
Suman Singh Bogati (Nepal) – Aviation defeated Rabindra Mahato (India) – Aviation

Men’s Football
Vipers (Uganda) – Security Services defeated Omran A (Kenya) – Integrated Facility Management

Women’s Football
Queen Bees (multinational) – Security Services and Integrated Facility Management defeated The Beatles (multinational) – Security Services and Integrated Facility Management 

Punjab (India) – Manpower Operations Services defeated Tijarah (India) - Manpower Operations Services