Transguard's Dream 2020 CSR Initiative

Here at Transguard Group we’re committed to making every day better than the last by living our values and acting with purpose to ensure sustainable development, environmental preservation and socially responsible operations. That’s why we’re especially proud of our CSR team, which is making a real difference in the community through a series of initiatives that range from building refurbishments and group activities to environmental efforts and donation drives.

In line with the UAE’s “Vision 2020,” our CSR strategy covers four key pillars: Environment, Marketplace, People and Community. Transguard’s own initiative, “Dream 2020,” was launched in 2017 and has been especially focused on supporting the Manzil Centre for people of determination in Sharjah. So far, Transguard has been responsible for checking and updating their existing camera systems at the centre, and hosting summer arts and crafts sessions for students. We also organised a tree planting for World Environment Day, which was followed by a workshop on how best to maintain the plants.

Internal initiatives for our 65,000+ employees are also under the scope of our CSR team, and include an incredible 3,000 activities per year, two carnivals (each with more than 4,500 attendees), two “TG Olympics,” eight internal sports leagues, partnerships with NGOs and the support of global initiatives through internal and external drives.

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