Transguard Group Saves 10 Million Gallons of Water

Transguard marks World Environment Day by celebrating its sustainability milestones

With sustainable practices and policies that have a measurable impact on the community, Transguard Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme has had a positive impact on Dubai since the programme’s launch in 2017. Called “Dream 2020,” the company’s CSR efforts are aimed at reducing waste, creating and strengthening sustainable partnerships and having a measurable, positive impact on the community by 2020.

“Dream 2020 is aligned with our overall vision and promises that Transguard Group will serve the greater good of the community in which we operate by bringing people and resources together to create value,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “Since launching Dream 2020, we’ve been able to successfully implement various sustainable initiatives in and throughout our business, ensuring that our community will continue to benefit from the programme.”

As part of the Dream 2020 vision, Transguard Group pledged to plant 872 trees by 2020, which equals the number of employees working in its headquarters. Starting with the company’s Dubai accommodations, Transguard Group employees have so far planted 420 trees since 2017.

“World Environment Day is an ideal moment to take a step back and evaluate our progress toward realizing all of our Dream 2020 goals,” said Lena ter Laare, Director of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. “In addition to our tree planting project, we’ve also implemented several other initiatives across the business that have resulted in significant water and energy savings.”

Transguard Group’s water savings are particularly impressive, and at 10 million gallons, are roughly equivalent to four Dubai Aquariums. Recycling waste condensate from AC units saved 50,000 gallons of water in two months, and optimising plumbing features saved 4.72 million gallons of water and optimising flush-tank levels saved 4.51 million gallons of water; among others, these are just a few of the initiatives that have contributed to the overall savings.

In terms of energy savings, the installation of digital thermostats in Transguard Group accommodations has already resulted in a savings of 838,543 kWh, while replacing 1,000 fluorescent tube lights with LED lights saves 300 kWh per day.

“With all of these initiatives and our employees working towards a common goal, we’re excited to see what positive changes we can bring to this community now and in the future,” concluded Ward.