Transguard’s Corporate Website gets a makeover

We are excited to announce that our new Corporate Website is now live.

The new website is in line with Transguard’s well defined business support services and gives users a detailed tour of the company’s offerings, it’s past and a glimpse into the future. Our teams have put in months of research and work to create a new design.

Our organisation has gone through a lot of changes in the past one year and we wanted our website to reflect that change. We decided to revamp and update with a fresh design, new functionalities and new sections.

Keeping the best features of its predecessor, the new website reflects the success and growth story of Transguard in every image, video clip and design element. We also implemented a new colour scheme, easy scroll and vibrant design to make it look younger, more modern.

The new design is fully responsive and easy to navigate on laptops, tabs and even mobile phones.

As our organisation continues to grow, so will our website. The new site will evolve to support the needs of our people, our business partners and clients and our local and international communities.

Check it out now www.transguardgroup.com.