Transguard organises Foreign Object Debris Seminar

Our Health, Safety and Environment team (HSE) conducted a Foreign Object Debris seminar today.

Transguard’s HSE team works very closely with the management team at Dubai Airports to support their Foreign Object Debris (FOD) management program.
This seminar was held to create awareness among the aviation services teams at Transguard about the importance of FOD management and related safety hazards.
The HSE team regularly conducts FOD seminars and cleanliness drives at locations at the airport like the apron, taxiway and runway.

FOD management is given utmost importance at airports across the globe. Debris may be very small in size, like a bolt, but it can bring down an aircraft if it is sucked into the engine.

Dubai Airports and the General Aviation community have taken the necessary steps to minimise FOD by engaging in successful FOD management programs and we at Transguard fully support these initiatives.

FOD Seminar website