Transguard Cricket Team and Team USEO Duke It Out in Fierce Friendly



The Transguard (TG) Warriors narrowly beat Team USEO 119-94 in a highly competitive “limited overs” cricket match that saw the two teams battle closely with wit and intensity from start to finish. Held at Rahaba Residences, along the Dubai-Al Ain Road, the joint USEO-Transguard Sporting Event sponsored by USEO featured two competing teams vying for recognition in a friendly and spirited game of cricket.




The TG Warriors took the field first to bat, and they immediately set the tone of the competition, running up the score with a combination of brilliant team play and strong batting. By the end of their inning, the TG Warriors set a lofty goal for Team USEO to catch: 119 runs on 10 overs. The friendly closed with the two teams sharing a round of freshly-baked pizzas and ice-cold drinks – the perfect curtain call to an amazing event. 


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