Discreet, seamless security services.

As a locally-based company with a global perspective, Transguard Group offers on-the-ground personal security expertise and tailored solutions for prominent business leaders, high net worth individuals, government officials, celebrities and their families.

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Unrivalled local knowledge

Born and raised in the UAE since 2001, our local knowledge and connections are unmatched.


Transguard is the UAE’s premier tier one security provider.

24/7 security operations

Our teams offer round the clock protection services supported by a dedicated operations centre.

Our services

We provide a full range of Executive Security Solutions tailored to any requirement or request.
Security & safety are at the forefront of planning any executive protection requirement in the UAE.

Traditional close protection services

Each close protection package is tailored and unique to every individual, taking into account their lifestyle and needs.

Discreet protection for your loved ones

We offer personal protection services for families to fit seamlessly into their every day, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Unique airside access privileges

We are the only close protection provider with airside access ensuring full protection from touch down to take off.

24/7 operations centre

Our command and control centre is operated 24/7 enabling real-time visibility of any operation and assets.

Watch our

Our expertly trained teams maintain a low profile and a high level of discretion ensuring our Clients and their loved ones can continue their day-to-day lives and enjoy every moment exactly as they should.

Our expertise

For high-profile individuals requiring close protection support, Transguard's Executive Protection service represents the ultimate in safety and peace of mind for themselves, their loved ones and associates whilst travelling in the Middle East.

Expertly trained operatives

Our male and female Officers are trained to the highest standards by our UK accredited training partner. They hold SIRA licences ensuring full compliance to the UAE's operating requirements.

Bespoke security plans

We work closely with our clients to ensure every detail of their request is tailored to them. Taking pride in our unrivaled local knowledge, our Officers can seamlessly facilitate even the most complex needs.

Discreet and culturally aware

Our Executive Protection Officers understand the importance of confidentiality and sensitivity and possess a high level of cultural understanding.

Looking for Close Protection Services in the UAE?

To find out how Executive Protection by Transguard can seamlessly facilitate even the most complex security and lifestyle requirements, contact us today.

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