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Why Transguard Hospitality Solutions?

Market leaders

Transguard is the UAE’s premier
outsourcing provider. All of our
staff are trained in our state of the
art Centre of Excellence in Dubai,
ensuring the best service delivery
for you and your clientele.

Consultancy services

Our consultancy service is tailored
and scalable to meet the unique
geographical and cultural needs of
the region. We analyse our clients'
challenges and offer tailored,
deliverable solutions.

Whole service package

Our in-depth local knowledge
and expertise enables us to
deliver a comprehensive
suite of solutions that are
tailor-made to the specific
requirements of our clients.

Flexible service package

Our full service and bespoke
approach enables you to unlock
the cost savings within your HR
structure by outsourcing all non-
core services to just one market-
leading supplier.

our video

Our teams are expertly trained to international 5-star hotel standards. Our goal is to deliver
added value to your business and the best service experience: Because it isn't what you
said, or what you did that your guests will remember, it's how you made them feel.

Transguard Consultancy Services

With Transguard Hospitality Solutions Consultancy Service's comprehensive network of suppliers and a team of
experts who possess extensive experience and knowledge of the outsourcing ecosystem, we consult on operational
efficiencies across the entire journey of our Clients’ businesses. Using lean principles we define, measure and
analyse our clients' operational challenges and offer tailored solutions which we then both execute and control.





Roster Management

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