100% of Transguard HQ Employees are in the Vaccination Process


In addition, 94% of its site-based employees have been fully vaccinated

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Thanks to a dedicated in-house team working around the clock and through weekends and holidays, Transguard Group is pleased to announce that as of today, all eligible employees in its management offices have either been fully vaccinated or are in line to receive their second jab.

“Five months ago today we announced our first vaccination milestone, which was the provision of vaccines for 16,000 employees; three months later we announced that we had successfully provided more than 60,000 vaccinations for our employees,” explains Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “Today, I am pleased to reveal that 100% of Transguard HQ employees are in the vaccination process, with 94% of our eligible site-based staff also fully vaccinated, with the remainder scheduled for their final shots over the next few weeks.”

To reach this milestone, Transguard collaborated with Emirates Group, Dubai Airport and SEHA to provide all management and site-based employees in every business unit (including Cash Services, Security, Facilities Management, Manpower, Logistics, Aviation, Hospitality, its catering company, Taste of Home, and its consumer division, Transguard Living) with appointment scheduling, free transportation and all documentation to receive their jabs; vaccinations were also provided directly at the company’s accommodations in Jebel Ali. All of the nearly 700 management staff in Transguard headquarters were also granted time off for vaccination appointments. Employees who do not meet the vaccination eligibility criteria, including those who are pregnant and those with specific allergies, are taking PCR tests every two weeks as required by recent government mandates.

“Each of our service lines, including but certainly not limited to Security, Hospitality, Facilities Management and Workforce Solutions will play a significant role in a number of high profile events in the second half of the year, so it is within our duty of care to proactively ensure that we do everything we can to protect our employees, the people of the UAE and the anticipated influx of overseas visitors,” Ward concluded. “That said, we are under no illusions that the pandemic is over and will continue to be vigilant and innovative in our Covid-19 prevention activities in our headquarters, our accommodations and on our worksites.”