A strong company is built on strong relationships


Mohamed Alraeesi, UAE National and Director – Security Business Relations at Transguard Group, reveals his strategic role in supporting the success of the business solutions provider.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – As the UAE’s most trusted security provider, Transguard Group has a well-earned reputation for protecting critical national infrastructure, as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of the country’s citizens, residents and visitors. Its success relies on a team of thousands deployed around the clock, and ensuring its smooth operation is anything but a 9 to 5 job. Few know this better than Mohamed Alraeesi, Director – Security Business Relations: Day or night, weekdays and weekends, Alraeesi knows from experience that his availability and accessibility play a strategic role in supporting the efforts of both Transguard Group and the nation’s police force.

A UAE national, Alraeesi spent 30 years with the Dubai Police, where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. At the time, investigations, negotiations and risk assessments filled his daily schedule; today, Alraeesi puts many of those same skills to work in a role that gives him the opportunity to help shape the continued growth of Transguard’s security division.

“I am constantly communicating with the police and other government entities to understand their concerns for the country and the areas where they are working toward ongoing development,” Alraeesi explains. “This has helped to facilitate Transguard’s continued reputation for being the most respected name in the security industry. We pride ourselves on planning for and being responsive to the needs of the UAE.”

The impact of Alraeesi’s ability to assist with this delicate integration of precise requirements into everyday processes can also be seen in his work with key senior executives within Dubai’s most renowned companies. “Throughout my tenure in Transguard, my diligent approach to these relationships has given our clients confidence that we are not only approachable and flexible, but that we can anticipate their challenges and offer solutions before they know they need them,” he says.

“I believe that a strong company is built on strong relationships,” Alraeesi concluded. “And I’m proud that my initiatives continue to have a positive impact on Transguard’s strategic work in the UAE.”