All Cleaners Are Heroes


Transguard Group supports the UAE’s fight against COVID-19 by upskilling its employees in specialist cleaning, warehousing, logistics and more

Transguard Group has been on the frontlines of the UAE’s fight against COVID-19 since the pandemic began its sweep across the country in late February. Since then, the business solutions provider has deployed more than 1,000 highly trained staff to provide deep cleaning and sanitisation services to offices and residences all over the UAE. To further underscore these efforts, the company has continued to increase its educational offerings in an effort to keep its employees actively engaged and upskilled for the next phase of their careers.

“Dedicated, specialised training has always been at the very foundation of what makes Transguard an industry leader,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director. “To support the increased demand for cleaning, Transguard’s Centre of Excellence (COE) has continued to upskill our employees in a variety of safe sanitisation practices.”

Held under careful consideration of health authority guidelines limiting crowd size, Transguard’s BISCs-certified teams deliver bespoke trainings across key areas, including the deep sanitisation of public areas, offices, and vehicles; high touch point zone cleaning for buildings and automobiles; and chemical room fogging. Employees are also proactively educated on the importance of safe hygiene and how to limit the risks of the spread of all germs while completing their daily tasks.

Cleaning is just one area of cross-training that is available to Transguard employees: The COE has also recently ramped up its efforts in loading, warehousing, logistics and more as it continues to deploy its employees to companies currently requiring additional support, such as supermarkets and delivery services.

“Not only are we keeping our staff actively engaged, we are also empowering them with new skills that they can use in other parts of Transguard as they progress through their careers with us,” Ward explained.

With cleanliness and sanitisation at the forefront of everyone’s minds, Ward acknowledged that the Transguard team has taken on a surprising new role in the wake of global events: “They wear masks and protective gear instead of capes, but I hope everyone realizes that all cleaners are heroes as they continue to support the country and the world in the battle against the spread of COVID-19,” he concluded.