Transguard Cash Launches Smart Cash Deposit Machines
for Dubai Taxi Corporation


Dubai, UAE, 16 September 2022 – Transguard Group is pleased to announce that its Cash division has introduced an innovation that is improving the efficiency of Dubai taxis: By integrating the backend system of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) with Transguard’s Smart Cash Deposit Machines (SCDMs), drivers can now immediately deposit received cash, thus reducing their idle time after each shift.

“Dubai residents have a heavy reliance on taxis, so anything that can increase the response time and efficiency of this method of transportation is always well-received,” explains Nick Beer, Chief Financial Officer, Transguard Group.

Before the introduction of Transguard’s SCDMs, DTC drivers stood in long queues to deposit cash with in-office cashiers who worked limited hours. Once collected, the cash was reconciled manually, a time-intensive process, and would only be deposited to the bank the next working day.

With the new machines in place, drivers can skip the queue and quickly deposit their cash at any time of the day or night. The machines’ technology also seamlessly integrates with regional taxi meters and DTC’s ERP platform, thus facilitating end-to-end reconciliation immediately after the cash deposit.

“Giving drivers the opportunity to directly deposit cash into SCMDs at the end of each shift minimises their manual work and the waiting time at the cashier office,” adds Manu Kataria, Director – Commercial Cash Services. “The benefit for Dubai’s travellers is that more taxis on the road will get them to their destination faster; the benefit for DTC, of course, is increased revenue off the back of the increased availability of their vehicles.”