Transguard Group Facilitates 10,000 Vaccinations in March


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Transguard Group announced that, as of today, it has achieved 89% vaccination rate for site-based staff with the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. These 10,000 vaccinations were part of a company-wide campaign that took place in March in Transguard’s residential facilities in collaboration with Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). “This latest vaccination effort is the next logical step after our efforts in 2021,” explains Dr. Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “Offering our team the opportunity to complement their previous Sinopharm vaccination with Pfizer has helped us contribute to the UAE’s continuing success in combatting Covid-19.”

Last year, the business solutions provider announced that it had provided more than 60,000 vaccinations for its employees. Eligible employees in its management offices had been fully vaccinated as well as 94% of its eligible site-based staff. 

During the March 2021 drive, site-based staff were provided with appointment scheduling and necessary documentation to receive their vaccinations, which were organised at the company’s accommodations and conducted by MBRU and DHA.

“Whether it’s lending our resources or expertise, the protection of public health has always been a priority, and therefore we are happy to support Transguard in ensuring its employees are vaccinated and protected against Covid-19 given their significant role across sectors,” said Dr. Amer Mohammed Al Zarooni, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration and Professional Services, MBRU.

“We’re grateful to the teams from MBRU and DHA for providing the necessary support to make this drive successful. By working together, we ensure that we’re doing everything we can to protect our employees as well as the people of the UAE,” concluded Dr. Ward.