Transguard Group Builds its Legacy from Within


Underscoring its ongoing commitment to nurture its future success from within, Transguard Group has revealed that nearly 90% of its internal promotions during the 2018-2019 financial year were awarded to employees who completed training at the company’s Centre of Excellence (COE). Of the 2,436 employees who were promoted, more than 2,100 completed either job-specific or English-enhancement training at the 38,000 square foot Dubai Investments Park facility.

“Promoting from within is a common-sense strategy for us for one simple reason: Our people are our strength,” explained Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “Giving our employees the opportunity to expand their skillsets and abilities benefits the entire business and upskilling ambitious team members means that we’re embedding tomorrow’s leaders in the company today. The COE is an integral part of the process of preparing someone for the next step in their career development at Transguard.”

Over the course of the last financial year, an impressive 55% of all open positions were filled by internal staff members who were qualified for and promoted into new roles. The beginning of the new financial year seems set to surpass this number, with 60% of all open roles being filled via internal promotions in June 2019 alone.

“This visible career ladder gives every employee of Transguard Group, from site-based staff to senior management, a clear view of how they can grow within the business,” said Catherine Masters, Senior Director – Aviation and Centre of Excellence. “Upskilling our employees through the COE allows us to promote and retain our best workers while lowering recruitment costs and increasing employee motivation and engagement, all of which lead to an empowered workforce and a happy customer base.”

Opened in 2017, Transguard’s Centre of Excellence facility has carried out over 800,000 hours of training for its employees with more than 170 courses in purpose-built classrooms, from administration skills and project management skills, to technical skills such as MEP and construction, as well as English classes at all levels to all its 65,000+ employees.