Transguard Group Shortlisted for Arabia CSR Awards

Transguard Group announced today that it has been shortlisted for the 12th annual Arabia CSR Awards; it is one of just three nominees in the “Large” category. The winners of the awards will be announced during an official ceremony on 2nd October. “Being shortlisted for the Arabia CSR Awards is a testament to the good work of our comprehensive CSR programme and benchmarks our efforts with other companies on a global scale,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “We’re delighted to be shortlisted and recognised for this work.” Known as Dream 2020, Transguard Group’s CSR programme is aimed at reducing waste, preserving the environment and the wellbeing of our people, creating and strengthening sustainable partnerships and having a measurable, positive impact on the community by 2020 and beyond. It is aligned with Transguard’s overall vision and promises that the company will serve the greater good of the community in which it operates in by bringing people and resources together to create value. “An integral part of everything we do, our CSR efforts are woven deep within the way Transguard Group does business,” said Lena ter Laare, Director of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. “To be publicly recognised for these efforts is gratifying, but what’s most exciting is that the Arabia CSR award gives us a dynamic platform to showcase the strategic importance of sustainability and welfare initiatives. This is our responsibility as market leaders, and we’re proud to continue setting standards in the region.” Several new initiatives as part of Transguard’s CSR strategy and Dream 2020 initiative have been launched this year, including a water recycling programme that repurposes waste condensate from AC units for daily cleaning and irrigation purposes (such as cleaning hallways, washing cars and green wall irrigation), and the creation of sustainability gardens throughout Transguard’s accommodations, which upcycles plastic bottles as planters for flowers. In addition, Transguard’s CSR activity calendar for its site-based employees regularly exceeds 300 activities each month across all accommodations. “From educational programmes movie nights to national day celebrations and league sports, plus much more in between, our busy recreation calendar gives our employees a chance to connect with their co-workers and participate in hobbies and activities that they enjoy,” said Rania Tayeh, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. “These activities are just a small portion of the wellbeing benefits we offer our employees. We plan to expand our CSR programme even further in the coming years and I’m enthusiastic about the positive impact Transguard can continue to have on our community.” The Arabia CSR Awards are the most prestigious and recognised sustainability platform in the region; the programme is widely acknowledged for applying the most stringent and comprehensive standards to its recipients, such as the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative and the European Model for Quality Management (EFQM) in its application criteria.