Transguard Group Releases Water and Energy Conservation Figures


Dubai, United Arab Emirates ­– The UAE’s leading business solutions provider Transguard Group officially embarked on its CSR journey six years ago, with a promise to serve the greater good of the community in which it operates. The group demonstrated significant progress in the period between April 2021 and December 2021. Transguard Group:

  • Recycled 19 million gallons of grey water, which was reused for its flushing system
  • Saved 25 million gallons of water across Transguard’s entire property portfolio
  • Saved 3 million kWh across Transguard’s entire property portfolio as well as 3.8 million kWh across its clients’ portfolios. Together, this equals the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 205,048 trash bags of waste being recycled instead of being added to a landfill
  • Produced 1,292 MWh of clean energy through a dedicated solar power project; aligned with the Dubai Shams Initiative, the project has so far saved nearly 1000 tons of CO2
  • Transguard Group also handed over 111 kg of plastic bottles to the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) as part of the Dubai Chambers “Let’s Reduce & Recycle Campaign”
  • In addition, 100 Transguard employees participated in the UAE Clean Up drive and collected 16,293 kg of waste from sites across four Emirates, and also collected 358 kg of plastic and 177 pieces of mobile phones as part of the One Root, One Communi Tree project. Both initiatives were organised by Emirates Environmental Group (EEG)

“As one of the largest employers in the UAE, we are firmly committed to making a difference and have consistently taken steps to achieve greater sustainability. With 28 accommodation facilities and a large fleet that transports more than 25,000 staff per day, we are highly aware of our potential impact on the environment. Therefore, sustainability is not just a goal, it is a key pillar in everything we do,” explained Dr. Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group.

Transguard Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme is aimed at reducing waste, preserving the environment and the wellbeing of its people, creating and strengthening sustainable partnerships, and having a measurable positive impact on the community. Over the years it has launched several initiatives, but conserving water and recycling remain a top priority. In October 2021, the company has also achieved a Dubai Chamber CSR Advanced Label in recognition for its initiatives.

“Transguard Group has always taken a mindful approach to the environment, which has not only had a positive impact on the community but has also led to exceptional savings,” concluded Lena ter Laare, Director of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, Transguard Group.