Transguard Group Reveals its Support of COP28

Earlier this month, the nation’s largest private security team supported the Blue and Green Zones of the climate-focused event
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Following the successful conclusion of global climate conference COP28, business solutions provider Transguard Group is proud to reveal that its Security division was exclusively contracted for security services at the event.
“Working with Dubai Police, National Service and the UN Security Team, Transguard Group Security Services (TGSS) trained over 2,000 SIRA-licensed guards to assist in providing the highest level of protection for those attending this prestigious and important conference, including more than 140 heads of state,” explained Rabie Atieh, CEO, Transguard Group. Senior government leaders from multiple countries, more than 5,000 media professionals and over 70,000 other participants were also in attendance.
COP28 was divided into two Zones: Blue, which was managed by the United Nations and designed to accommodate dignitaries; and Green, which was established for guests of Blue Zone attendees, NGOs and the general public. TGSS provided the necessary security professionals for both Zones.
“Transguard has always put a premium on training and to fulfil the requirements of COP28 we accelerated and expanded this programme,” stated Tim Mundell, Chief Security Officer, Transguard Group. “For example, our collaboration with Dubai Police facilitated the training of 300 to 400 guards per week in the months leading up to the event, an education that will have a profound and positive impact on our Security contracts long after COP28 is over.
“In addition,” Mundell continued, “the guards working at the event were selected based on their exemplary performance, knowledge and time served in the security field. We cannot overstate our gratitude for our clients – including Nakheel, Emaar and others – for their flexibility in allowing these best-in-class security guards to be seconded to this landmark event.”
COP28 was held from 30 November to 12 December 2023 at Expo City Dubai.