Transguard Reveals 44K Monthly Deployments During COVID-19


With facilities management, security, warehousing and delivery teams in high demand, work sites included the UAE’s field hospitals and warehouses of the country’s largest hypermarket

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Business solutions provider Transguard Group has announced that its deployments during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic averaged 44,000 each month and included two of the UAE’s new field hospitals, hypermarket warehouses, shopping malls, among others.

“COVID-19 presented our diverse client base with a number of unforeseen challenges of not only how to operate under these conditions but how to do so with extreme attention to health and hygiene for themselves and their own customers,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director. “I am incredibly proud of our ‘masked heroes’: Our cleaners, security guards, warehouse staff and delivery professionals and more, who each went above and beyond to support the UAE, our customers and Transguard itself during these historic times.”

As the country’s largest facilities management provider, Transguard’s operations and management teams, who began working from home in March, continued to ensure that all sanitisation options were not only available to its clients but that they were the best on the market. “This guaranteed that our customers would continue to experience the same exceptional level of service, regardless of the obstacles and difficulties presented by the virus,” Ward explained.

As the UAE government returns to work this week, Transguard has also entered its second week of phased return to its headquarters: Following government mandates, 50% of the business solutions provider’s management staff have returned to the office; the rest will return in phases as restrictions are lifted, and currently either work from home or on a rotation between their homes and the office.

Before entering the building, all employees must pass through Transguard’s Dubai Municipality-approved Misting Station, which kills 99.999% of germs and viruses. Temperature checks are also required, with anyone registering higher than 37C subject to additional screening following a cool-down period.

Social distancing is in place throughout the office, including the lifts, common areas and office space, where working areas have been reallocated with 2 metres between each desk. Signage on proper mask usage and hand sanitizer dispensers are also in place at the entrance to every floor.

“COVID-19 brought out the best in Transguard,” Ward concluded. “It allowed us to demonstrate not only our agility, expertise and strength in numbers, but also our indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to the people of this great nation.”