Transguard Site-Based Employees Volunteer to Sew Masks for their Colleagues


Nearly 50 volunteers have already produced masks for two accommodations

Transguard Group, a leading UAE-based business services provider, announced today that its site-based employees have been volunteering their time and talent to sew handmade masks for their fellow employees. The first batch of masks was delivered to Transguard’s Accommodation Services team in mid-May, with the second batch scheduled for delivery this week.

“It was a simple idea based on global trends, an in-house need and a number of employees who were looking for ways to help their community,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director. “The result is a wonderful project that surprised all of us with how quickly it has taken root and flourished.”

Volunteers learn how to sew the masks using an online tutorial and are provided with the necessary material, needles and thread. They can then join a socially distanced group sewing session in the accommodation canteen, or they can take the supplies to their rooms where they can sew the masks at their leisure. The finished masks are then collected and taken to a dedicated room for a sanitising fogging treatment before being individually packaged and distributed across Transguard accommodations for employees to wear while they are in their rooms or in the common areas. Usage instructions, including proper guidance for how to wear and wash the mask, is provided with each item.

“So far we’ve had almost 50 women volunteer for this project, and they’re each incredibly proud that they’re having a positive impact on the health and well-being of their colleagues,” explained Lena ter Laare, Director – Marketing & CSR. “And since the masks are washable and reusable, there’s an interesting sustainability aspect to this project as well.”

Medical masks are a required part of the personal protective equipment for each Transguard employee while at work; as part of its comprehensive COVID-19 awareness programme, Transguard has also created a series of posters, animated videos and other collateral that encourages employees to wear masks and practice social distancing when they return to their accommodations at the end of each shift.