Transguard’s Continued Growth in Abu Dhabi


Business solutions provider reveals new contracts and increased activity across a multitude of sectors in the UAE capital

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – With nearly 20 years devoted to supporting the UAE, Transguard Group has a well-earned reputation as the country’s preeminent business solutions provider: Present in all seven emirates, Transguard points to its business relationships in Abu Dhabi as particularly noteworthy examples of its client-focused approach.

“Abu Dhabi has represented a significant portion of our activities for many years, with contracts across each of our divisions, including Cash, Security, Facilities Maintenance, Hospitality, Aviation and others,” explains Managing Director, Greg Ward, Transguard Group. “Our country-wide footprint and sector expertise underscore our integration with our clients’ businesses, not to mention critical national infrastructure.”

Transguard’s Cash Services division offers a particularly striking example of the significant presence of the business solutions provider in Abu Dhabi: Operating out of its dedicated cash centre in Musaffah (which was acquired in late 2018 following Transguard’s acquisition of G4S Cash), Transguard Cash services an impressive list of locations, including all banks in the emirate, most government and ministry offices, various universities and one of the UAE’s leading airlines, as well as thousands of Smart Cash Deposit Machines and ATMs.

Likewise, Transguard Security Services (TGSS) has a significant presence in the nation’s capital, with more than 1,000 security guards and other trained personnel stationed in major bank as well as in established, high-end communities and properties. The Systems Integration division of TGSS has long provided the installation, expertise and know-how behind key CCTV operations and other control room requirements in the emirate.

One area of particular focus for Transguard in Abu Dhabi, especially of late, is facilities management: While Transguard employees have been a fixture in the capital’s most significant malls and hospitals for years, our facilities management teams stepped up to the challenges presented by Covid-19 as they ensured exceptional sanitization and decontamination services throughout the emirate. In fact, a prominent shopping mall in Abu Dhabi was the first retail location in the UAE to utilize Transguard’s self-designed misting station, which relies on motion sensors to spray a highly effective sanitizing solution on each visitor as they enter the mall.

Meanwhile, Transguard’s Manpower division experienced an increase in the country’s demand for warehouse staff, and in the past six months Transguard won two significant contracts in Abu Dhabi: one to service the UAE’s largest hypermarket and the other to support a leading supermarket chain with its talented workforce. And with its experienced F&B, housekeeping and reception staff, Transguard Hospitality Solutions has not lost momentum as the provider of choice for Abu Dhabi’s impressive list of five-star hotels and resorts.

Finally, Transguard’s Aviation division enjoys a robust presence at Abu Dhabi International Airport as it continues to support one of the UAE’s most prominent airlines with services that include ramp, baggage, cargo, aircraft cleaning and support for passengers with restricted mobility, among others.

“Hailing from 116 countries, Transguard’s multicultural workforce reflects the face of and our passion for the UAE,” concluded Ward. “We take great pride in our country-wide support of the UAE, and our teams work tirelessly to provide proactive solutions that enable our clients to succeed, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.”