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Transguard, NCR launch full service ATM solution

UAE-based Transguard Group, a part of the Emirates Group, has signed a partnership agreement with NCR, a leading consumer transaction technology provider, to provide banks across the UAE with the opportunity to streamline their ATM operation, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Transguard is the UAE’s leading cash logistics provider and this new initiative with NCR, will afford banks the alternative of handing over responsibility for the entire end-to-end management and maintenance process of its ATM machines, said a statement.

Under a five to seven-year leasing option with Transguard, banks can switch from the traditional Capex (capital expenditure), to the alternative Opex (operational expense) model. 

The Capex option will involve the banks managing every activity right from buying the machine to choosing the site and maintaining the ATM, while the Opex alternative will offer banks the opportunity to outsource the entire process, from installation to operation and maintenance.

The agreement covers the lease of ATM machines direct from Transguard, complete with NCR software solutions, monitoring and full maintenance services, for which the banks pay a fixed fee per ATM machine. 

According to online business process outsourcing portal, BPM Watch, banks can make savings in excess of 50% by switching from CAPEX to OPEX operations.

Dr Abdullah Al Hashimi, chief executive officer, said: “This unique strategic partnership presents us with a real competitive edge. Together, we can leverage our considerable joint capabilities to meet demand from financial institutions that want to streamline their operations and hand over the management of end-to-end ATM services to third party experts, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and, of course, their customers.”

The newly launched service will offers the emirates’ banking community a unique solution designed to optimise service delivery and drive strategic value for financial institutions.

“It effectively eliminates a lengthy and time-consuming mutli-step process that involves machine purchase, software application and ongoing upgrades, and high maintenance costs, and by working with highly respected and trusted partners, such as Transguard, it makes perfect network sense,” Al Hashimi added.

Transguard Group has already begun implementing the one-stop shop solution with several of its high profile local banking institutions, such as Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank. 

Habib Hanna, Managing Director South Gulf for NCR, confirmed that a number of other banks have also expressed interest.

“Banks are looking for highly available services to deliver an exceptional customer experience while maintaining operational efficiency. This partnership will make those ambitions a reality, delivering best-in-class ATM services to financial institutions across the UAE,” said Hanna.