Transguard Group launches its Managed Services Provider solution

When a company has a large contingent workforce, often there is little visibility of the entire process or synergy between concerned departments. The Managed Services Programme (MSP) delivered by Transguard Group will streamline the processes into one seamless entity to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

Transguard’s MSP will manage your entire contingent workforce requirements. Through the implementation of our technology partner’s solutions, our MSP team will automate the recruitment, procuring and operational management processes to effectively reduce cost, ensure compliance, increase efficiency and optimise your workforce and supplier quality.

Our approach
Transguard’s MSP solution is tailored and scalable to meet the unique geographical and cultural needs of the UAE and MENA region. With our comprehensive network of suppliers and team of experts who possess extensive experience and knowledge of the HR outsourcing ecosystem, we consult on operational efficiencies. By delivering market leading contractor workforce management we ensure best practice processes with the support of expert technologies for stronger partnerships.

Through Transguard’s MSP solution, we deliver:

External talent management:

Align your contingent workforce strategies and streamline the processes  
As managed services providers, we will consolidate all your contingent worker requirements through one centralised team and technology, providing you the ability to easily deploy external or project-based workers. Our comprehensive solution will automate the entire management process from requisitions to on-boarding and off-boarding.

Premium supplier relationships

Streamline how service providers are sourced, guarantee compliance and improve quality
We provide access to our extensive supplier network, benefiting your human capital requirements with professional level staff of diverse skill sets from local, regional and global markets. Whilst implementing industry knowhow, providing international and local contractual benchmarking.

Live analytics

Access real-time intelligence
With real-time analytics, accessible from multiple devices, you will be able to optimise your business processes, identify the best solutions for your needs, and track supplier and workforce performance, ultimately allowing for your process to be more efficient.

Key benefits:

  • Regulate Spend: Standardise rates and maintain oversight of budget by accessing MSP’s supplier network
  • Ensure Compliance: Ensure compliance with corporate policies and government relations
  • Talent Driven Solutions: MSP team facilitates greater access to external workforce from different geographical locations
  • Increase Quality: MSP team will monitor the performance of your contingent workforce and suppliers to optimise efficiency
  • Increase Programme Efficiencies: Streamline your processes and procedures to be in line with your contingent worker strategy

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